Sunday, April 3, 2011

Bottle Babies

Remember those bottle calves I told you about last time?
Well.... we still have them! They actually take up a lot more time than you would think.
When we first got them I was thinking oh this won't be that bad, we just have to feed once in the morning and once in the evening.  YEAH RIGHT!!
Seems like that's all we've been doing lately.

And feeding...
Oh yeah, and feeding some more!
When we are not feeding we are doctoring pink eye, or a hurt leg, or cleaning out stalls,

Or torchering... not really I'm sure this has it's benefits but the mother in me cringes everytime we have to do anything, especially to the babies...

I know this one looks calm now but SHE'S NOT!!!
She's CRAZY!!  Oh and that's my Dad by the way.

And this is where I run and jump on top of the nearest truck!! Here lately when we have not been busy with the cows we have been at the ball fields!

You guessed it he's number 33 again four years in a row now.

This is the first year he has pitched though, but I think he likes it and he's doing really good!

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