Saturday, March 12, 2011

New babies

Morning around our house now means three more mouths to feed...

Now I know they look like calves,  but let me tell you when they are hungry they act like sharks!!

They are vicious!
They head butt, kick, bite, slime you with their milk mustache, and if your not doing it right they'll go into the death roll!!!
Ok, maybe not that last one but they know how to get their point across! 

I have bottle fed a lot of creatures but today was a first for me. I had never fed a calf.

Ironman on the other hand... Well... He's just a natural at everything!

After breakfast it was time to build a calf pen for our three stooges to play in.

Gracie thought she would give her daddy a much needed hand!

She's making sure that cattle panel don't decide to run off!

 Like I said... he's a natural!  That and the fact I think he has done this a time or two before.
Almost done!!   Just a few more whacks!!

Gracie still doing a great job holdin' that panel down!

Finally,  It's time to let the cows out!
They loved it... this one in the front is Gracie's her name in Charlotte, the one behind her is Tboy's he calls him Ribeye!  They came out of the barn running, kicking and bucking it was so cute!
After all the milk and exercise they were ready for nap time!
Our little Gracie just can't resist, she's on the ground and fair game!
And to show her apperciation Charlotte decided to bite Gracie's knee!  See I told you... SHARKS!!

It was still a very sweet moment to see them together. Especially when she laid her little head down on the grass and Gracie just rubbed her head. So sweet.

I thought this was another sweet moment too until...

He started PEEING everywhere!!  Ugh!!  He ruined a beautiful picture!!

Like all babies though I think they are really cute,  ask me in a few more weeks when they are bigger and head-butting me and I might not think so.
But for now I'm thinking they are not so bad!
lots of love,
The Davis family


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