Thursday, February 24, 2011

P is for Princess

       Our dear, sweet, little G-baby, She wears many hats in this house and in the salon.
She's a stylist...

She's the " it wasn't me it was bubba's idea "  kid...

She's the " I am not gonna get into trouble for this "  kid...

She's the " Give me a hug "  kid...

She's the " let's go take a nap " kid...

She's the comedy relief around here...

She's an animal lover...

She's our cheerleader...

She's the " the last one is mine " kid...

She's the " I told you I was sleeping in your bed tonight and I'm the princess " kid...
She is our Gracie and she brings us so much joy, and frustration, laughter, and aggravation, comedy , and imagination, she is brutally honest and o so sweet. She is the one that made this family complete.             Thank You Lord

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A New brother

Lord have mercy on my children, bless their hearts they are both like their Mom when it comes to taking care of stray animals, wounded wildlife and in this case orphans.  Our homeschool group went to Winter Jam, (which is a christian concert for those of you who have never heard of it), this past weekend and they were talking about all the children that need homes. So when we met with the group on monday they were praying for them and telling some of the things that were said about them at the concert.  I looked over at my son and could tell he was touched by the story that was being told, he never said anything at that moment just went on with his normal day of school work.
After our day was over and we got in the car to leave he popped the question, "Moma can we adopt a boy my age that can speak my language?  I'm tired of playing with all these girls all the time!"  I told him he would have to talk to his daddy.  Then Gracie says "I don't think so bub, if you get to buy a boy I want a girl my age that I can play with!!"  They argued back and forth for what seemed like forever and finally let it go.  The next morning though, Tboy was asking me  "did you talk to daddy last night?" I told him that I had mentioned it to him and he was not going for it right now. Tboy was so disappointed and said "why not? "  Well daddy just said we don't really have the room right now. They don't understand why we can't just go pick one up!  It's been two days now since that conversation and he still keeps bringing it up asking when do you  think we might move so we can have more room to go get a brother!  What in the world am I gonna do about this?
lots of love, 
Davis family  

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Good weather = OUSTIDE WORK

     Saturday began when Ironman and the kiddos decided since the weather was good they would get out the hammers, wrenches and a chainsaw and tear down the back deck. Soon after they began they were joined by the neighbor girls all the way down to the 1yr old and as always HE FORGOT TO TAKE PICTURES! I was stuck working all day and missed the grand occasion and I'm sure some awesome pictures. I would have loved to see him and Tboy working with 4 girls all day, bet that was funny!  After it was all down and on the trailer I got to participate in the unloading of the wood at the dump site and I have pictures!!  That is a good way to keep from getting too dirty, it is impossible to do heavy lifting with a camera to your eye!! Hehehe...

Most people get to spend their Sundays resting after church, maybe napping or getting ready for the next week but their husbands last name is not DAVIS! 

Gracie is giving her best effort in unloading this trailer.
She is doing a great job keepin up with daddy.
You can tell this took lots of concentration just look at the tongue!

Hard work runs in the family.

Don't worry only daddy was harmed in the making of this blog and it was just a quick blow to the head by one of Gracie's boards, but that was to be expected!

And this... This is the son my dad never had... Dually

They say animals look like their owners... I think i've seen my dad make that face before!! HAHAHA 

If he wants to help he sure has a funny way of showin it.
After the trailer was empty Tboy and I decided to see who could keep the hot suckers in our mouth the longest!

Then it was time to go check on the babies before heading home they are gettin so big already.
They are so stinking cute when they are babies.  I love this shot!

Here are the moma's

Yes, he really is going to pet the cow!!
See I told ya!
Then its off to taste the cattle feed!  Yeah I know what your thinking... Geez don't you ever feed those kids...
And here is last summer's master piece!!
Last but not least it's our tiny little cow dog that barks orders from the back seat of the truck. Who could ever forget Izzy?!! Not me!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Thank you Memaw & Papa!!

      The kids Valentine gifts arrived from me maw and papa, and they were sooooooooo excited to see the box in the driveway.  They could not wait to get it into the house and get it opened!
They had a little surprise when they opened the box. The bags of candy had ripped and it had spilled all inside the box.

They didn't seem to mind that at all though. They just started shoveling the candy in their mouths.
They loved their cards Gracie just started singing with hers and Tboy said " look it looks like Izzy, hmmm... I guess they couldn't find one with Chloe on it! hahaha

                                                       Gracie loved the bear too!

I think this is a good match!!! Don't you!

                                                Watch this frog can jump a long way!
To show their appreciation they came up with this...

Take 1
 Oops, he left out Papa and I can't believe he said "crap" !!!!

YEA!! He got it right on the 2nd time his sister on the other hand well.....

Take 1
This was so funny instead of  saying thank you she started counting. Hehehe!

Take 2
Everything has to be perfect for her. When she watched this one on the camera she said " that wasn't very good."  So here we go again...
Take 3
Maybe....  Maybe not

Finally!!! She approves! 
Thank you Me maw and Papa we love you and miss you!

Oh and,
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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Mirror Mirror on the wall

    We have a huge mirror in our living room. It brings me so much joy and so much PAIN. I love to watch the kids in it but I hate to look at myself in it, it can be brutal sometimes, it won't lie, it doesn't care about your feelings, it reflects truth! It reflects whatever you throw at it and this morning was so funny every time I happen to look over there a different kid was looking at themselves in the mirror and making faces at either them self or someone else. I have learned now to keep a camera close I usually have one by my chair and one in the kitchen for quick access! Here are a few of the pictures I captured today and I could have had some other really cute ones but I NEED A FASTER CAMERA!!
He's making faces at his sister. If you look close you can see all the little hand prints on the bottom they had started earlier doing close up faces!!

His sister returning the favor!!

Hence... I need a FASTER CAMERA
This is where some of the smudges came from! Hahaha!
Here are some other mirror shots we've gotten over time it makes for good pictures! You just can't help but look in it when you go by.

It's also great for applying make-up!!
Love this one!!

Like I said, so much  JOY and so much PAIN!!!
Enjoy love you guys!