Thursday, March 3, 2011

Can't wait for spring!!

Spring training has began around our house Gracie is quick to lend a helping hand!  She'll take any opportunity to twist her bubba's arms!! She says bubba's got to stretch before practice. He has just completed his first fundraiser of the season and sold all the tickets by himself  I was very impressed!
While he's at practice Gracie has been practicing a few moves of her own...

A little Kung Fu panda for your viewing pleasures!! There goes that creativity again!!

Next... in preparation for spring we decided to try to get an early start by planting some seeds in the house first.

We planted a little bit of everything.
We'll see if it grows.
Keep your fingers crossed!


And maybe you should keep your toes crossed too...

Hopefully Gracie didn't mix up too many of the seeds.

Still sowing seeds!!

Now the kids left us to finish it!!

 Finally they are all planted, well almost we do have a few left but they spilled and we don't know what seeds are what! Oops!!

Now it's time for dinner and I'm trying a new recipe, Chicken enchiladas!  After I ...

made my daughter cry...
(she says she's allergic to onions)

Caught my pan on fire ...
(even flat surface stoves will catch grease on fire)
Burnt some of my tortillas...

And slaved for 2 1/2 hours its finally done and ...

I'm gonna go pout now!  :(
Love ya!

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