Thursday, March 10, 2011


What you are about to read could come as a shock to you unless, you know Gracie then you'll know this was totally innocent...

The kids are wanting to get some goats, so when we were talking to them about being goat farmers we asked them what would you name your goat farm?  Well... I should have known that Gracie would come up with something unforgettable! She said, "I would call it HORNY MORNING GOATS!" 
Her daddy and I just looked at each other speechless, then couldn't help but crack up laughing!
She said " because they have those horns on the top of their head and you'll have to go out every morning and take care of them!"
So to her it sounded perfectly logical to name a goat farm HORNY MORNING GOATS.
I on the other hand do NOT think I would want to have that logo printed up!

Oh, and NO farm would be complete with out the little Mexican!
Even if it come in the form of a Mexican dog.

And speaking of farming...

We have growth! You just have to look really hard in this one but it's CORN!
We'll see if we can keep it growing!
Now I've gotta get lunch cooking I have about 45 minutes til they all arrive!
Lots of love,
the Davis's

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