Friday, February 4, 2011

Gracie question of the day!!

I often get unexpected questions from my 5yr old, Gracie.  Today while she was helping me clean she asked me "Momma, how come two girls can't get married?"  So, not knowing where this question was coming from or where it was going I decided to try to give a quick and short answer and try to devert the question. I said,"Because that is not how God intended it why do you ask?"  She said "Well because I wanted to marry Daddy but you already did, and all the boys I know are too hyper!" I was so surprised by all the thought she had put into this subject.  I told her "Well, Gracie your just gonna have to pray that God will send you someone like your Daddy." Her reply was "There is nobody like my Daddy!" I later that evening figured out she might have a little trouble finding him especially after seeing her grab the toenail clippers and tell her Daddy " I'm ready when you are!" This was his reply:     
All I could think was Gracie if you can find someone who will cut your toenails you better marry him because he really loves you!

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