Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Morning Doves

   Hallelujah!!! The snow has finally melted enough we can see the ground again. I looked out my livingroom window this morning to see four pairs of doves. I love them, they are fascinating birds, they make the most beautiful sounds and I love that they get so attached to their mate, they mate for life. Isn't it crazy that a bird can love only one for life and people...  well ...anyways... I'll let you fill in the blanks. They really were beautiful it was a good morning even though it started way too early (5:45a.m.)!! As the day pressed on one thing led to another and before I knew it Gracie was in trouble. IMAGINE THAT!! She comes to me and asks me to tie her shoe not because she CAN'T do it just because she didn't WANT to do it. I noticed one pant leg was soakin wet. When I asked her what happened she told me she fell on a washcloth in the bathtub. I thought that was a lot of water to have come off a rag but I just went with it... until... I went into the bathroom and the whole seat of the toilet was wet then I knew! I said "GRACIE DAWN!!!!!!!!!!"  "Are you telling me a lie?"  she continued to deny it until I said " you fell in the toilet didn't you?"  She got that look on her face. You know,  that one that says... "HOW DID YOU KNOW???" Followed by the... " UH OH NOW I'M IN TROUBLE"  look. Yep that's right you are in trouble we have talked about her tellin lies before. I told her  "dang it! I wanted to laugh at you for falling in the toilet, and now your making me have to get on to you for lying. You ruin all my fun!"  Hopefully she will soon realize she doesn't need to lie. I don't understand why she is doing it.  I guess it's just a phase. 

In the meantime, I find out when I get home from work that my little T boy was wrestling with the neighbor girl and she got him down! I'm sure it was just because he let her win. Nevertheless his daddy will have fun with that!  But for now he has escaped and turned in early he must of knew what was coming!! I also think it's time for me to do the same.
Davis family

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  1. Thank you for getting up at 545am We love you for it, and it was a very long day. I agree!!