Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentines' weekend 2011

The weekend has been very busy we started out Friday with our little Jbug. When the cousins are together it's never boring! She had some moves of her own to show us!

It was a wonderful weekend!

   My Ironman and I had a very nice dinner last night and lots of much needed one on one time.  I was glad to see we still had lots to talk about and it didn't revolve around the kids!  But...  by this morning we were missing them, but we decided to go to church first before we headed to pick them up. 

When we got there Mel said they stayed up with her til 2 a.m. baking!!!  They had a blast! Miss Gracie was so excited to show us what all they had done these are just a few samples...

Gracie says "Mel is so much fun that's why I love going there!"  So a big THANK YOU to Mel for watching them!

We get home this afternoon and the play begins!  The kids decided to show me a little video they had made yesterday while I was at work and Ironman was suppose to be watching them!  The video showed my two sweet little angels climbing the wall in the hallway all the way up to the light fixture in the ceiling!! I said "Oh my gosh, where was your daddy while you guys were doing this?" and they said, " in the living room watching t.v."  Well,  there you have it, he can not be trusted with the kids and the t.v. at the same time! God should have sent my children with a warning label!! 
The rest of the afternoon today has been spent playing with the camera. My kids love to have their pictures taken!!
Especially this one!!
Dog pile on Daddy!!  The other two wanted to be the photogaphers!
Gracie was telling her daddy keep your head up this time!
Finally it is warming up a little and bub can play outside with some friends!!
The Kids have just one more thing to say before we go...

Lots of love and happy Valentines day
from all of us at the Davis house!!

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