Saturday, February 19, 2011

Thank you Memaw & Papa!!

      The kids Valentine gifts arrived from me maw and papa, and they were sooooooooo excited to see the box in the driveway.  They could not wait to get it into the house and get it opened!
They had a little surprise when they opened the box. The bags of candy had ripped and it had spilled all inside the box.

They didn't seem to mind that at all though. They just started shoveling the candy in their mouths.
They loved their cards Gracie just started singing with hers and Tboy said " look it looks like Izzy, hmmm... I guess they couldn't find one with Chloe on it! hahaha

                                                       Gracie loved the bear too!

I think this is a good match!!! Don't you!

                                                Watch this frog can jump a long way!
To show their appreciation they came up with this...

Take 1
 Oops, he left out Papa and I can't believe he said "crap" !!!!

YEA!! He got it right on the 2nd time his sister on the other hand well.....

Take 1
This was so funny instead of  saying thank you she started counting. Hehehe!

Take 2
Everything has to be perfect for her. When she watched this one on the camera she said " that wasn't very good."  So here we go again...
Take 3
Maybe....  Maybe not

Finally!!! She approves! 
Thank you Me maw and Papa we love you and miss you!

Oh and,
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