Monday, February 7, 2011

A Sad Day

   Well,  it was a very sad day at the Davis household today.  Memaw and Papa's dog Mattie that has been in the family longer than my kids and I have, pasted away.  After work my hubby and son went over to give her a proper burial they even spoke a few words over her...  From ashes to ashes dust to dust now we're down here in the snow buring you in the brush.  R.I.P. Mattie we will miss you, you we're always there to greet us with your floppy ears and your floppy little tail and that just always said "pet me!" You were a great little dog.

Now on a happier note the snow has finally melted enough we had a Jazzercise class tonite and while I'm out there on the floor trying to keep up with our instructor who is awesome by the way. I look over to see my sweet little angel with this devilish grin on her face and my phone in her hand, and what is she doing?   You guessed it SHE'S TAKING PICTURES!!  As if I didn't already feel like I looked stupid enough just trying to keep up with the new  moves, she had to comfirm it with tons of pictures on my phone!  And, NO i'm not going to share them!! When we get home I hear her take of running and laughing into the house saying "Daddy I got them, there are funny ones on there too!"  Luckily I destroy them before she figured out how to post to facebook!! Gotta love e'm!
much love,
Davis family

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  1. HAHA. Our kids are too smart for us! Go Gracie ;)
    So sorry about Mattie. That is always so sad.