Saturday, February 5, 2011

Ordinary Day

The day started out oh so ordinary, you know try to sleep in til the very last minute, then rush around and get ready to leave only to go make sure that the mountain of snow that was left was still there for us, oh let me rephrase, was still there for the love of my life and my wonderful son to finish shoveling. It was.
So, after they where completely exhausted and the mountains of snow were removed from my salon drive it was time for lunch and then off to Kaden's birthday party!  We had a great time I am still amazed at how easily kids are amused. Give them a blower motor and something with a net that they can bounce in and they will be happy for hours! I love it!
And sometimes they can be fun for the moms too!
Sorry , Johnna ,I had to add it. Hehehe!
The things we do for our children!
After all the festivities its off to the house for some R&R.
Our beautiful, energetic, blonde haired, blue-eyed, rotten to the core niece is also going home with us tonite and after last night I was wondering if she would. She threw a fit last night not wanting her mom to leave and that has never happened before. We definitely took it as a sign and she accompanied her mom back to her house. I believe kids have more intuition than we do sometimes. She has been fine today I love having them all together they bring so much joy to our lives.
Just when I thought it was gonna be an ordinary day I go to check on all the kids and find this

The movie is just not nearly as good without the umbrella!

The most important part of the whole day was that after hours of back breaking labor, and intense snow shoveling and putting up with all of us all day long my hubby is still bending over backwards for us and putting the last of his energy into cooking a full blown oklahoma dinner bacon sandwiches!
Now it's time to eat! See ya tomarrow! 

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